My eternal love for Tumblr

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, and I have a list of posts waiting to be written. But this very short one, I had to write immediately. It’s just a major thank you and shout-out to the wonderful world of Tumblr. When I got a Tumblr about a year or so ago, I just used it as a place to look up pretty pictures, write a little bit, but generally didn’t take advantage of all it had to offer. Now, in the year that I’ve been using it, the site has changed a little, but one of my favorite things is the addition of “tracking” certain tags. So you can search for a tag and choose to “track” it, and then when you next click on that tag on your sidebar, it shows you all the recent posts with that tag, regardless of whether you’re following those blogs or not. It’s a great way to filter what you’re looking for.

But my favorite thing about Tumblr is the ability to fangirl. Yup. I said  it. My best friend was talking about how much she loves to use Tumblr to fangirl, and I realized, we love it so much because we realize there are other people out there just like us. People who are obsessed about tv shows, music, books, and especially fictional characters, and now we have access to the fanfiction, the fan art, the community that’s built around the love for these things. It’s a beautiful thing. And Tumblr still lets you control your anonymity (or lack thereof), so you can declare yourself to the world or not. But either way, you can find all those other people who are obsessed about the same things as you.

Lately, as my favorite TV shows have gone on break, or Comic Con has revealed new casts, all I can do is take to Tumblr to fangirl. Because I love seeing that other people are freaking out about these things just like I am. So even if I can’t quite fangirl in real life to the person sitting next to me, I can still have my moment online with all these other people. And it’s a lot of fun. So thanks, Tumblr, for indulging my already vivid imagination and helping me find others who then stretch my mind even further. 🙂