“Amy, will you be my girlfriend?”

Six words I was beginning to think I’d never hear. Thank goodness I was wrong.

After watching tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, I had to write about the wonderfulness that is this show. Over five seasons, I’ve fallen in love with these crazy awesome characters more than ever, and tonight made things better than I ever thought they could be. Last season, we were introduced to Amy Farrah Fowler, brilliantly played by Mayim Bialik, as Sheldon’s non-traditional “girlfriend.” First brought to the show as a recurring character, the female version of Sheldon, Amy has become one of the show’s most delightful cast members. This season, she and Melissa Rauch, who plays Howard’s ADORABLE fiancee Bernadette, were much-deservedly promoted to series regulars. With the addition of these two girls, the cast beautifully and seamlessly integrated new female characters into what used to be a highly male-driven show. Both Rauch and Bialik have brought depth and humor to their roles, not to mention they’ve matched wits easily with the best of them.

Over the last season, we’ve seen Amy not only become Sheldon’s close friend and confidante, but a close friend of Penny’s, a girl who seemed at first her polar opposite in many ways. But Amy soon showed that she was not quite as devoid of emotions as Sheldon, discovering her girly side with the help of Penny and Bernadette. And while she’s shown glimpses of wanting more than just friendship with Sheldon, it has seemed one-sided. Up until now.

In tonight’s episode (SPOILERS), Stuart asks Amy on a date, and she accepts. Sheldon does not object; not directly, anyways. But after acting out like the child trapped in a genius’ body that he is, he asks Penny out, in a misguided attempt to make Amy jealous. Finally, he joins Stuart and Amy on their movie date and asks to “make changes to their relationship paradigm.” After some more long-winded jargon, he admits that he would not mind it if she was more than just his friend. Alternately phrased: “Amy, will you be my girlfriend?”  I squealed right alongside my roommates as he uttered those words. One of the most heartwarming scenes ever. Later, he presented Amy with the “Relationship Agreement” document, leatherbound and all. Her response? “It’s so romantic,” her voice breaking slightly. As my best friend would say, “MEANT TO BE! MTB!!”

Let it be known that after 5 seasons, Sheldon Cooper finally got the girl. And it was totally worth the wait.

Please, please, oh please: My Emmy Wishlist

Because it just came to my attention that I sadly will be unable to watch the Emmys this Sunday, I really need to get this off my chest. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS AND THE BIG BANG THEORY THEIR EMMYS. I love Mad Men. I really do. Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, you’re wonderful and freakishly talented. The whole world knows you are. Really. But would it kill someone to give Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton some love?! For their fifth and FINAL and fantastic season of Friday Night Lights, the two of them got only their second Emmy nomination this year. NOT COOL. Emmys, you’ve ignored them for YEARS. GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME. These two beautiful, amazing actors played Eric & Tami Taylor, one of the most realistic marriages on TV for five long seasons. They laughed, cried, fought, argued, made up, countless times over the series, ALL WITHOUT INFIDELITY. What a concept. In addition, Britton made Tami Taylor so much more than just a football coach’s wife. Mrs. T was strong, smart, well-spoken, clever, and kickass, all with style. These two are just so wonderful, I can’t even gush about them enough. Please just SOMEBODY give them all the great honors they deserve. Also Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix…just saying. Totally worth it.

Mad Men will probably win because their two actors have “The Suitcase” episode as their submission for the year, an episode that was just an amazing piece of acting for both Hamm and Moss. I really can’t say enough about it except to just go watch it. It’s on Netflix. The whole thing. Mad Men seasons 1-4. Go do it. It’s just fine acting and wonderful ’60s clothes and just all around fabulous. So…I can’t really be mad if they win…because they deserve it…it’s just FNL’s last year 😦 AGH.

My other Emmy wish is for The Big Bang Theory to finally get it’s due. Yes, Jim Parsons has been FINALLY winning shit left and right for his genius portrayal of Sheldon Cooper. He is wonderful, truly. But hey Emmys, the rest of the cast is pretty damn awesome too! Finally you give Johnny Galecki some love this year, thanks. But Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar, who play Howard and Raj, respectively, are killer comedic actors and have enough awesome moments to rival Sheldon. Kaley Cuoco, as Penny, has come a long way from 8 Simple Rules (RIP John Ritter, you’re missed!!!). Girl holds her own amongst all the guys for three long seasons before the show finally brings in some more killer actresses in Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) and Melissa Rauch (the ever-adorable Bernadette). This show is just all around fantastic and hysterical, and I can say I’ve gotten several people hooked on it after just one episode. It’s quickly become our family night of watching TV and getting together weekly, and one that we all look forward to. Please Emmys, give Big Bang some love; I know you’re usually against these camera-type (don’t know the specific term) shows, so even the nomination is a small miracle, coming after FOUR FREAKIN’ SEASONS. But please. It’s really the best.