Snow day!

It feels like eons since my last post. And because I am so tired from this week, I’m afraid this one will be quite short also. But after a long, fun night last night where I finally felt like a college student again (thanks to some delicious wine & other beverages), and not like an adult with a million and one things to do, I awoke this morning to the sound of snow falling. And sure enough, when I crawled out of bed an hour later, we had snow on the ground. *cue hallelujahs*

Obviously, it didn’t look like this, because we live in the depths of a city. But, in my head, snow is snow and everything looks like this when it snows 😀 So it made me very, very happy. It was a reward for making it to the end of the week, and some motivation to start all this work I have piled up. I have a lot of writing to do this weekend – personal statement, more short answers for my post-bac application, two nonfiction pieces for class. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Oh right, that pesky little bitch cover letter so I can find a job and get paid. Soon.

I don’t know if these will make me want to blog more or less, but we’ll find out soon enough. One thing’s for sure: I am happy enough to stay in my apartment, bundled in a hoodie, sweats & fuzzy socks, under a warm throw, and do my writing instead of having to run errands outside. Although once we get enough snow, a snowball fight will be called for. Oh, and I’ll have to go dig my car out at some point, before it gets worse than this (not that this is so bad, but if it freezes…):

As a side note, I’d like to hope that my reward for making it through this college (well, I’m almost there) involves a Pats-Giants rematch. I want revenge for 2007. So that would be really nice. Just saying. But the snow is a great start.

Happy Snow Day! this puppy has the right idea.

Hello jackets, scarves and boots! How I missed you all

Winter is upon us! Well, at least for the weekend. Just in walking to school (with several layers, plus a coat & scarf) I got a severe case of the sniffles and a wee little cough as well. But despite all this, I can’t help it. Winter is my favorite season. Or at least, it is until New Year’s. January goes by quickly enough, but then after the Superbowl, it’s really all for naught. Then winter just toys with us, pretending to be done by giving us glimpses of the beautiful spring to come and then taking it away with a snowstorm. Although I must admit I enjoy freak snowstorms. I’ve been stuck in enough of them to know it’s not always pleasant, but I still love the snow more than anything in the world. There is nothing better than a white Christmas 🙂 In any case, early winter is my favorite time of year.

  • Allll the clothes – as with most seasons, there’s cute clothing for winter too. But I get far too excited getting out my big coats, scarves, gloves and boots to prepare for the winter. Having lived in Canada, I used to also take out bright pink snowpants as well, for the walk to & from school. While that’s long gone, I still feel the same sense of anticipation when I take out my winter sweaters and jackets. I enjoy getting all bundled up to waddle outside into the cold.
  • Warm food – let’s face it. Summer can get so hot that all I want is a salad, ice cream, or a cold drink. Or all of the above. The heat just makes me not want to eat. But winter! It’s so freezing outside that all you want is warm food, and it feels extra-special delicious when it hits your tummy (at least it does in mine 🙂 )
  • Hot Chocolate – nothing better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day/night. with marshmallows. mmmmm.
  • My Santa hat – I finally got a Santa hat last year, and I wear it almost every day after Thanksgiving. It’s just too much fun not to.
  • CHRISTMAS – the stockings, the gifts, the tree!!!!!!!!!! I love decorating a Christmas tree. I put it up, I decorate, and I leave it up as long as humanly possible after the holidays. Yeah, I’m that girl.
  • Christmas Lights – my mom and I hang up the Christmas lights after Thanksgiving every year. We wrap them around our small porch and over the benches. Anyone driving down our street will see two small Asian women, one teetering dangerously on a stepstool (me), attempting to get the lights as high as possible. I always think that my house looks like a Gingerbread House with all those lights around it 🙂 We leave those up for as long as possible, too. Although never until the Superbowl. We found out in ’08 that was a bad idea (I’m so sorry Pats).
  • The city preparing for Christmas – the store decorations, the wreaths on the lampposts, the lights everywhere. It’s a gorgeous gorgeous time of year.
  • Christmas Village – the most adorable section of the city. A little bazaar set up for random shopping, beautiful lights and trees everywhere. And PUPPIES all over the place (people bring their pets. I hug them.) It’s a Christmas tradition for my roommates & I.
  • SNOW – God, I love the snow. Ever since I was little, I’ve had a white Christmas (and birthday, since that’s pretty close to Christmas, too). After we moved in 6th grade, though, I had to learn to deal with a not-so-white Christmas. Which sucked. A lot. But here in the city we usually have some snow on the ground at some point during December, which is all I’m asking for. Last year was interesting, since I had to drive in it, but for the most part I managed well enough. Still, snow = snowball fights, snowmen, and wonderful fun. I will always love snow, and snowstorms (when I’m inside) 😀

Here’s hoping for a Winter Wonderland this year!