At last

This is how me and my roommates feel at having made it through the week (at least, one of my roommates will feel like this in a few hours, I dearly hope). A rough week of finals had each of us tapping into our last energy reserves to push forward until Friday. While I was “lucky” in only having two finals and a paper, the two finals were still pretty brutal. The first took most of my energy, on Monday no less, but having it over with early was a great benefit. I love to write, I really do. But my ethics paper took a lot out of me. That subject can be so exhausting sometimes. And then the last final came and went this morning. It’s bizarre. It feels like a long time ago. This week has been such a weird one…I can’t even begin to describe how. But with one close friend in the hospital after a freak case of appendicitis, and my roommate practically needing a hospital herself (that’s how sick she was), the week was just full of odd, crazy occurrences. I’m not likely to forget it for a long time.

Today also marks the end of my second-to-last term of undergrad. It’s terrifying. I mean YAY for making it this far, don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled and proud. I can still remember watching my parents leave me freshman year and thinking I wasn’t going to last more than the weekend. And freshman year was miserable enough that I pretty much just don’t include it when I think back now. But sophomore year onwards have really been some of the happiest of my life, and I really feel like I finally got to have a college experience. Throughout my first year, I had to convince myself that my future group of friends was out there waiting, somewhere…on a campus as large as ours, I had to believe in that, or I would have quit much earlier. Thankfully, I was right. Sophomore year began a beautiful and insane journey that is still going, and these people have truly made my life a million times better.

So tonight, we’ll be sending off the week & term by celebrating Christmas & my friend’s birthday (a few days early) 😀 And then, I plan for a glorious winter break of sleeping, eating home-cooked food, reading wonderful novels, blogging (of course), and some more sleeping 😉 There’s that pesky post-bac application to worry about, as well, but I’ll get to that a bit later. For now, happy sleepytime for me before I prepare for my *gulp* last term.

Girls just wanna have fun

Today was one of the biggest exams of the week for me and my roommate: developmental bio. Our professor is a brilliant, hardass woman who is an excellent teacher but one of the most difficult testers I’ve ever encountered over my college career. Over the past four weeks, we meet at 8am twice a week for lecture. While we usually review slides weekly for our quizzes, studying the material for this exam was just killer. Probably because it was already late during a week of little sleep and lots of work, and we were just getting tired of having back-to-back exams and papers to worry about. That kind of week. This exam was the one thing preventing us from getting to the weekend; we just wanted to get through Thursday morning.

Once that hour and half was over and the exam handed in, we decided to finally enjoy our break and go to the mall.  We got delicious food (mmmm, Popeyes!) and did some window shopping. The best part came during our browsing of FYE, where my roommate found the most epic Game of Thrones poster ever:

(“It’s Boromir!!!” we yelled.) Not only was the poster on sale, but at the register, she had another wonderful surprise: the poster was only $2.50.

Popeyes and Game of Thrones awesomeness in one day? Almost made up for our crazy exam 😛 But it was the most fun hour & half break we’d taken in a while. After this hectic (more than usual) week, my roommate and I finally gave ourselves a break and enjoyed ourselves. And it was totally deserved and well worth the wait 😀

Last night, we also finally got our shirts off Threadless, which my other roommate ordered last week! The shirts have some great print styles and every now and then, go on megasale for $5-$10. It’s awesome. So we picked out what shirts we wanted and ordered 🙂 Today I wore one of the two that I got:

I love this design so much. I knew when I saw it that I had to have it. It’s a great visualization of red riding hood and the wolf! I also got another shirt called Night Catcher, which I’ll definitely post a pic of soon.

So, Threadless shirts, Popeyes, & Game of Thrones poster vs. Exam. Not a bad day, all in all. (Hopefully I’ll still agree when we get grades back.)