A brief love letter

Dear Patriots,

I had to just pause from my work to say THANK YOU for beating the Jets and giving me a brighter outlook for the week. You may have sucked last week, and the week before, but thank goodness you got your shit together and stopped the Jets. Here’s looking at you, defense (#50, especially). And Brady, thanks for stopping your pretty-boy-ness to throw some touchdowns. Much appreciated. Rob Gronkowski, you’re the man. Deion Branch, you never should have left New England. Clearly it suits you. Wes Welker, I’ll always love you.

Seriously, you guys made my day. Please, for the love of all that is holy, keep it up.


Obnoxious fan #7430968476.

I wish I could fix you

Today was supposed to be the day. The day we got to avenge our loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl, the one loss that stopped not only our perfect season but the fourth Super Bowl victory by one team in a decade. Instead, Patriots fans in Foxborough & around the country were treated to a lackluster first half, during which both offenses struggled to get anything done. We went to halftime at 0-0, thinking, “Okay, not the best, but we can pull this out still.” Even after Brady was intercepted twice, we thought, we can make it through. It’s Brady and the Pats. Right?

Maybe not.

As the Giants got on a roll and began to score, I got worried. But the Pats caught up, and scored again to even things up and eventually take the lead. At one point, I worried the score would be stuck exactly where we ended three years ago. While that changed, it wasn’t in the way I’d hoped. Once again, we lost by a margin of three points. Three freakin’ points. 1:36 was all Eli Manning needed to take his team down the field, not just for a field goal to tie the game, but a touchdown to win. It was pretty reminiscent of what Brady, and the elder Peyton Manning, have done in the past.

I’m a vocal believer that Eli Manning did not deserve that Super Bowl ring. Three years ago, it was the Pats’ game to lose, and they did. Today, maybe the field was a bit more even, but I still thought the Pats had the edge. And yet again, today, we saw nothing different. A Patriots team that should have soundly defeated the Giants got hung up on bad offensive starts and horrendous penalties that gave the Giants major advantages. I still don’t think Eli is an “elite” quarterback, despite the last drive. Has he improved? Of course. But in my eyes, he’s still nowhere near the best.

I just hope the team I consider one of the best starts playing like it again soon, or it’s going to be a rough season for everyone.

It was close, but we made it

The Cowboys gave my Patriots a pretty good run for their money, but thankfully Tom Brady did his thing and in the end, we managed to pull out with a win. That made my day of endless studying/papers a lot better 🙂

My favorite shot of the game:

Finally, pretty boy (shaved head and all, thank goodness) got his act together and drove his team down the field in the last couple of minutes for a touchdown. My man Wes Welker still leads the NFL in receiving yards ❤

At 5-1 (thanks for that, Bills) we’re heading into a bye week for some rest before an interesting schedule (Steelers, Ravens, yay) resumes.

Other football shoutouts:

-New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton is a hardass mofo. One of his own players was pushed out of bounds by the opposing team and ended up bowling right into Payton, rolling over his left leg. Payton had a fractured tibia and torn MCL, last we heard, and was STILL COACHING from the booth for a while. Eventually, though, the pain took over and he had to go to the locker room. His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, apparently. Here’s hoping he heals soon.

-Congrats to the 49ers! Jim Harbaugh has done a great job with his team and quarterback. At 5-1, they look pretty damn legit. Although last season’s 0-16 Lions still have a heck of a lot to be proud of, at 5-1 as well.

-Aaron Rodgers is still the man. Duh. 6-0 Pack.

Good week in football. At this time next week, hope to be home once more enjoying it with the fam 🙂

We’re BACK, Y’all.

Football is back and in top shape! Thank goodness we have a season and this lockout nonsense is over. There are so many teams lookin good this season, and after only Week 1 I’m EXCITED for the season. BRING IT.

Poor Colts. Blowout by the Texans, 34-0. Peyton Manning, wherever you are, I hope you get better soon. You have so much left to do, and you deserve more years in this league to awe us with your talent. Get well soon.

GO RAVENS! For finally toppling the Steelers 35-7, forcing 7 turnovers AND Joe Flacco & offense for putting points on the board. This needs to keep going, guys. Freakin’ awesome. I took so much pleasure in that.

GO PATS! My Patriots are back and looking ohsogood. My boy Wes Welker just took a catch and ran THE WHOLE FIELD for a touchdown. Everyone’s healthy and doing good. And Brady finally cut his hair so he doesn’t look so damn girly anymore. Thank the lord. He is breaking records all over the place in this game.

Also, this Pats season is dedicated to Myra Kraft, the late wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. She was a spirited, tough woman who lost her battle with cancer during the contract negotiations. Miss you, Myra.