Music: Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes

I’m going to put it out there, in case you couldn’t tell by the title of my post: I’m a huge country music fan. It took me a while, but I started listening to it a while back and finally fell in love with a lot of the artists.

Lady Antebellum was the main catalyst for my venture into country music. I loved Need You Now (like everyone else in the world) so freakin’ much that I started to look more into the band. I fell in love with the first few songs on their album, especially American Honey and Our Kind of Love. But as I played the CD in my car on my way to work, I slowly fell in love with the other songs also. It was an album that sort of creeped up on me. I didn’t think I liked some of the other songs, and then the more I listened to them, the more I went, “damn, this is good!” And I love when that happens. Some songs were just fun, and most had beautiful lyrics too. I also listened to their first, self-titled album. Run to You is one of the most romantic songs ever. Last Night Last, a gem I found on youtube, is also a great song. But from Need You Now, When You’ve Got a Good Thing is in my top 5 romantic songs. I just love it so much. So thank you, Lady A, for making me love country music.

Their new single just came out: We Owned the Night, from the upcoming album Own the Night. Superexcited for that. Their first single, Just a Kiss, was just the sweetest song ever. I just love them. Anyways, before I end up gushing about that song, I want to talk about We Owned the Night. It’s not a typical song, or at least I feel like it’s not. It just has a really different feel to it. There’s a really cool guitar melody (I don’t know the technical term) throughout that just gives it a really unique chord sound. I love that. The chorus itself is interesting; I know it’s going to take some time to grow on me, but a lot of their songs have done that and are now my favorite, so I have a feeling I’m going to grow to love it pretty soon 🙂 I love all their voices, but I especially love the songs where Charles takes most of the lead vocal. His voice just makes me melt and swoon everywhere. I could just listen to it all day. Love it. So I know he’s going to win me over with this song also. And I’m totally okay with that.

The cover for his single, Storm Warning.

The other new music I found today was thanks to USA Today. I usually can’t go a day without reading this paper. I love it exactly for reasons like this. I read this article about one writer’s playlist of the week and was immediately interested in a few of the songs I read about. I know, I know. Country again. I’m in that mood. Anyways, I looked up this young kid he was talking about, Hunter Hayes. He’s super interesting. Apparently he’s been a musical kid all his life, experimenting with different instruments and songwriting from a young age. Then I listened to his single Storm Warning, recommended by said writer. Hello! This boy has a voice. It’s a really nice country voice. I’m picky about some country singers. Blake Shelton is just not for me. I like the guy, and I love Miranda Lambert too. But his voice is a bit strong for me. (For now, at least. Never know.) But Hunter! Loveee his voice. It’s like a young Keith Urban/Rascal Flatts tone. The Rascal Flatts bit came from my best friend, but she’s totally right. I just like his voice a lot. This is a good single too. It’s very catchy, definitely has get-stuck-in-your-head potential. He has a few other songs out; Wanted is very sweet. The lyrics are exactly what any girl would want to hear. Somebody’s Heartbreak is also great, I absolutely love the chorus lyrics. I can definitely relate. But Storm Warning is my jam for the next two days as I attempt to bang out my English papers back-to-back.

Good old country music gets the job done.