We’re BACK, Y’all.

Football is back and in top shape! Thank goodness we have a season and this lockout nonsense is over. There are so many teams lookin good this season, and after only Week 1 I’m EXCITED for the season. BRING IT.

Poor Colts. Blowout by the Texans, 34-0. Peyton Manning, wherever you are, I hope you get better soon. You have so much left to do, and you deserve more years in this league to awe us with your talent. Get well soon.

GO RAVENS! For finally toppling the Steelers 35-7, forcing 7 turnovers AND Joe Flacco & offense for putting points on the board. This needs to keep going, guys. Freakin’ awesome. I took so much pleasure in that.

GO PATS! My Patriots are back and looking ohsogood. My boy Wes Welker just took a catch and ran THE WHOLE FIELD for a touchdown. Everyone’s healthy and doing good. And Brady finally cut his hair so he doesn’t look so damn girly anymore. Thank the lord. He is breaking records all over the place in this game.

Also, this Pats season is dedicated to Myra Kraft, the late wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. She was a spirited, tough woman who lost her battle with cancer during the contract negotiations. Miss you, Myra.