To Kindle or not to Kindle?

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I am a book fanatic. So it was inevitable that the issue of Kindle/e-book readers vs. traditional paperbacks would eventually come my way. And while it’s not necessarily a huge problem for me, I was curious as to what other people think – aka, you guys! 🙂

So many bookstores in my small hometown and even in here in the city have gone out of business recently. From Atlantic Books to Borders to little independent bookstores, I always get sad when I hear of another bookstore that has been forced to shut its doors. While it may or may not be entirely due to the rise of e-books can be debated forever. But I’m sure the e-books played some role. I’m guilty of it myself. I swore I would never get an e-reader and remain faithful to my beloved paperbacks – because who doesn’t love turning the pages of a real book? And hello, bookshelves were made to be filled. But two years ago, my dad surprised me with a Kindle for my birthday. And I’m both sad and happy to say I haven’t really looked back since.

I was excited for the Kindle because of the possibilities it brought with it. My favorite thing about the device is not having to wait for a year or more for the paperback version of a book to come out. Countless times, I’ve been in a bookstore and put down a book because it was a hardback, and therefore more expensive. Now, that problem is gone. So far, I have not purchased a new book on the Kindle above $13. And that’s at the very maximum.  Most are $10 or under. All of a sudden, new books are at my fingertips, and it is amazing.

Have I still bought a paperback now and then? Of course. How could I not? Sometimes, I can’t resist a particularly enticing paperback. Other times, I’ve borrowed a book from a library and loved it so much that I go find it in the bookstore on purpose, because I have to have a real copy in my hands.

Amazon also has a ridiculous wealth of books available on Kindle. It’s gross, really, how much you can find with the click of a button. Especially when you’re stuck inside because of the weather. Still, I do hold out hope that bookstores do continue, because that’s where I fell in love with books in the first place. Bookstores are wonderful places. And who doesn’t want a library like the one in the Swan Princess? With the ladder that lets you glide from one end to the other? Or the library in Beast’s castle? 😛

So I’m curious to hear other thoughts on this topic, just because it’s become really prevalent lately. Kindle? Paperback? Both? Neither?