Horribly belated thoughts on the Golden Globes

One of my favorite moments of the night, with adorable Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy's song.

Just a random jumble/collection of my thoughts whilst watching the Globes! Slightly (okay, entirely) inspired by ravingmadscientists LiveBlog! 🙂 I totally recommend reading it!  I apologize in advance for how many times I say “I love ___” a person/couple/thing. Although it might make for a good drinking game. Anyways. On with the show!

-WTF NBC – major audio malfunction? That person’s gonna get fired.

-whoa Ricky Gervais’s red suit.

-love Charlize Theron’s dress/hairband. Greek-goddess-y. Until I saw the huge bow at her waist. eeehhh…

-Zooey pulls of the crazy dress somehow; can’t help but like it

-Rob Lowe is always hot…and overly tanned.

-Still want to see The Help! Octavia Spencer looks so classy. I’m pulling for her to win.

-WOW Salma Hayek’s metallic dress is crazy. But she’s Salma Hayek so she can do what she wants.

-Whenever I see Morgan Freeman I always think how appropriate it was that he was God in Bruce Almighty…I mean his voice is godly.

-I love Diane Lane and Josh Brolin!! One of a few Hollywood couples still together *knock on wood*


-Viola Davis is the epitome of class.

-Mila Kunis is SO BEAUTIFUL. Not fair.


-I’m so happy Matt LeBlanc is nominated. Friends got me through so much. I will always love him.

-I want Tina Fey’s dress!! And earrings. And makeup.

-oh George Clooney. Sigh. ❤

-“fashion sex” with Bryan Cranston? Wtf? Awkward interview 38947948754.

-Eric Stonestreet! He just makes me want Jesse Tyler Ferguson to show up even more.

-Wow Ricky Gervais is just not backing down. So many people do not look amused. Wow.

-Christopher Plummer calling Ewan McGregor “a scene-stealing swine.” Doesn’t get much better than that. Oh wait, 43 years of marriage?! Jaysus.

-“as just the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen” – Ashton Kutcher describing Zooey Deschanel.

-I love Tina Fey creeping on Amy Poehler’s shot.

-Wow teleprompter issues? NBC your broadcast needs help.

-I freaking LOVE KATE WINSLET. I don’t care if Mildred Pierce was overdone. I LOVE HER.

-Major crush on Paula Patton. I loved MI4. Don’t care. Beautiful dress & color too.

-ADAM LEVINE AND JIMMY FALLON!!! I love Jimmy so freakin’ much.

-JGL SIGHTING JGL SIGHTING!! 😀 😀 everyone in the room screamed. So much love for him here 🙂

-Kate Beckinsale is beautifulllllllll. Yes, Seth Rogen, of course you have a boner next to her.

-Michele Williams so deserves it.

-PETER DINKLAGE!! “GAMES of Thrones?!” thank goodness he won. I love how angry Dustin Hoffman looks for some reason.

-“the cloon-meister general, George Clooney.” –Ricky Gervais; hahahah

-I love William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman!!!! GOD BLESS THEM. A-FREAKIN’-DORABLE.

-Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are freakin cute. And ALSO still together *double knock on wood*

-I LOVE EMILY BLUNT! (where’s John Krasinski!?)


-Octavia Spencer won!! Good for her.

-SIDNEY POITIER! As my roommate squealed “He’s still standing?!” And my other friend yelled “Martin Scorsese is crying!”

-I really loved Hugo…

-I so want to see the Artist & The Ides of March.

-YAY The Descendants! I really liked that movie. I’m glad it won (and not War Horse).

George R.R. Martin deserves a throne of his own

This post is going to be a bit short since I’m pressed for time. But I had to get it in. George R.R. Martin has crafted an amazing world full of rich history and mythology in his series A Song of Ice and Fire. Unlike so many authors who try to be the next LOTR  or  Hunger Games, Martin is concerned only with creating this crazy world full of characters of all shapes and sizes. Power, greed, (loss of) innocence, sex, bravery, honor. Those are only a handful of the things that drive the storylines of his many characters. While the sheer volume of characters can be a bit overwhelming at times, I think the overall story is worth it. Martin is a brilliant writer, and he fleshes out all his characters, giving each their due. The things these characters go through are intense and violent and heartbreaking, but that’s what makes a great story. Martin really spares no one, and while it’s tragic at times, it just makes the book that much better.

My favorite character was Arya, simply because she was a rebel. She was fiesty and didn’t accept the status quo. She didn’t like the court or dressing up or being girly; she wanted to fight and learn to defend herself. I was just very drawn to her as a character and found myself always rooting for her. I really look forward to seeing where her journey takes her after witnessing her father’s execution.

I finally read the first book in the series after getting hooked on the HBO show Game of Thrones. I thought the TV adaptation was very well done, from casting to location to capturing the  epic nature of the series. In the books, I definitely found Daenerys Targaryen an interesting character. But Emilia Clarke really stole the show in the HBO series, in my opinion. Her portrayal of Daenerys was riveting. Her transformation from a meek, shy young girl who obeys her manic brother to a true queen and Khaleesi of the Dothraki was fantastic television. Aside from her mesmerizing beauty, Clarke really showed the change in Daenerys week to week, so that when her final confrontation with her brother came, it was not surprising that she stood up to him. In fact, I cheered. Loudly. The ending was incredibly sad and moving, although it’s safe to say that she is going to continue being kickass. The show made me more interested to see where her character goes, as well.

The other character who really struck me in the TV series was Joffrey, played perfectly by Jack Gleeson. I hated him in the books – what a nasty, cruel monster. Gleeson got everything right. Not only did he look suspicious to begin with, but by the end, I was seething with anger for Joffrey’s head. His actions towards not only Ned (goodbye, Boromir!) but towards Sansa, a character I wasn’t too crazy about, had me hurling insults at my TV screen. I hated him for what he did, even more so because I had to see his smug face. Kudos to Gleeson for really capturing Joffrey’s inherent evil nature.

The book and TV series have everything – sex, lies, and murder. From the conspiracy plots of the nobility, to the events beyond the wall, to the interactions of the children, Martin has crafted an exquisite world of intrigue, and I can happily say I’m now on board the bandwagon 😀

“Amy, will you be my girlfriend?”

Six words I was beginning to think I’d never hear. Thank goodness I was wrong.

After watching tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, I had to write about the wonderfulness that is this show. Over five seasons, I’ve fallen in love with these crazy awesome characters more than ever, and tonight made things better than I ever thought they could be. Last season, we were introduced to Amy Farrah Fowler, brilliantly played by Mayim Bialik, as Sheldon’s non-traditional “girlfriend.” First brought to the show as a recurring character, the female version of Sheldon, Amy has become one of the show’s most delightful cast members. This season, she and Melissa Rauch, who plays Howard’s ADORABLE fiancee Bernadette, were much-deservedly promoted to series regulars. With the addition of these two girls, the cast beautifully and seamlessly integrated new female characters into what used to be a highly male-driven show. Both Rauch and Bialik have brought depth and humor to their roles, not to mention they’ve matched wits easily with the best of them.

Over the last season, we’ve seen Amy not only become Sheldon’s close friend and confidante, but a close friend of Penny’s, a girl who seemed at first her polar opposite in many ways. But Amy soon showed that she was not quite as devoid of emotions as Sheldon, discovering her girly side with the help of Penny and Bernadette. And while she’s shown glimpses of wanting more than just friendship with Sheldon, it has seemed one-sided. Up until now.

In tonight’s episode (SPOILERS), Stuart asks Amy on a date, and she accepts. Sheldon does not object; not directly, anyways. But after acting out like the child trapped in a genius’ body that he is, he asks Penny out, in a misguided attempt to make Amy jealous. Finally, he joins Stuart and Amy on their movie date and asks to “make changes to their relationship paradigm.” After some more long-winded jargon, he admits that he would not mind it if she was more than just his friend. Alternately phrased: “Amy, will you be my girlfriend?”  I squealed right alongside my roommates as he uttered those words. One of the most heartwarming scenes ever. Later, he presented Amy with the “Relationship Agreement” document, leatherbound and all. Her response? “It’s so romantic,” her voice breaking slightly. As my best friend would say, “MEANT TO BE! MTB!!”

Let it be known that after 5 seasons, Sheldon Cooper finally got the girl. And it was totally worth the wait.