He’s not that into you…so why do we still care?

As I watch He’s Just Not That Into You with my roommate, I find myself relating more and more to the character of Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin). I used to think she was crazy and kind of a nut about finding a guy. Now I kind of understand it. To be constantly wondering what a guy is thinking or what he means by a specific statement or word choice…it’s just painful. And unfortunately, I have a tendency to overanalyze, like Gigi (and many other girls, I’m sure). My favorite conversation is between Gigi and Alex (Justin Long), who takes on the role of her teacher, inadvertently, to give her an insight into men’s minds.

Gigi: “So what, I’m just supposed to run from every guy who doesn’t like me?”

Alex: “Yeah!”

Gigi: “But there won’t be anyone left…”

POOR GIRL. And yet, I totally understand how she’s feeling right about now. Because it sucks. It sucks like hell to put yourself out there and then have to constantly wonder what the guy’s thinking, or why he hasn’t responded to your text or whatever. I hate this need to feel validated about myself because, OMG he replied. What the hell is that about? He replied. Yay. Now what? It never goes past that. And it’s not like I somehow find bad people, I think. I guess they just truly aren’t interested, or too busy, or…who knows. As my roommate put it, “Why can’t we find a good guy? Is that so much to ask?”

And it doesn’t really stop there, I guess. Because once you’re in a relationship (as my other roommate currently is), you still wonder what the guy is thinking and if you’re doing things right, or if you’re being too “clingy” or too chill, etc. The overanalyzing doesn’t stop.  It’s just a different set of worries that now rest in your mind on a daily basis. But, hopefully, you also have someone else to turn to, who cares about you and makes you feel good and pretty and happy when you feel like crap (usually). Sigh.

My other favorite part of this movie is Drew Barrymore’s mini-speech about having so many different modes of communications and devices to check. “I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and…now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It’s exhausting.” It really is. And Gigi is so warm and eager and genuine that it’s hard to really be annoyed at her somewhat desperate behavior when she thinks a guy finally does like her. Because really, who can blame her? I act similarly, if to a slightly lesser degree, because the possibility of something happening is just really exciting. Of course, we all don’t get the happy ending with Keane singing TheMostRomanticSongEver as we finally get the guy. But we can all hope for a simpler happy ending. As Gigi says, “Or maybe the happy ending is this – knowing after all the un-returned phone calls, broken hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment … you never gave up hope.”

Review: The Night Circus

“The circus arrives without warning.”

As does this book, wonderfully written and created by Erin Morgenstern. The story is fantastic, and the world she has created is magical in its own right. While slowly starting with a well-done air of mystery and tension, Morgenstern slowly helps us to learn about our two main characters, Celia and Marco. The two were raised from very young ages by two powerful and competitive men to participate in what is simply known as the game. Although both Celia and Marco know their opponent is somewhere out there, also training, they both do not discover who until much later, when the game is very much in motion. To say much more of the plot would really ruin the magic.

But I must talk about the writing and structure of the book. Morgenstern has created a vivid, literally magical world within her night circus. It calls upon the powers of imagination of both the main characters and the readers themselves. The book seamlessly switches perspectives every chapter, from Celia to Marco to Bailey (whose purpose becomes clearer in the story’s final stages), and to what I consider some of the most powerful chapters, that have an unnamed narrator speaking directly to the reader, as if he or she were narrating our journey through the circus. It’s all remarkably put together to create a beautiful story.

Celia and Marco are both great characters, and Morgenstern does a fine job of showing how their separate journeys and trainings lead to their characters as adults in the game. As Celia and Marco become more eager to discover each other’s identity, so does the reader. We want them to find each other. Because, it seems, it is fate. And yet, we don’t know what will happen once they do find each other; their two masters have taken great lengths to keep them apart, until now, when they have a harder time controlling the two. And they must have a reason for that, right? The game takes on sinister undertones quickly, once Celia and Marco do meet. Although, it is a really memorable meeting, in my opinion. And both the characters handle it just as I think they would. Think of the Swan Princess (seriously, bear with me) – the opening song where we see both Derek and Odette growing up and having meetings, before that final meeting where they see each other and it’s love. That, but SO MUCH BETTER. Especially because Marco is much, MUCH manlier than Derek in my opinion 😉

In addition to that, it’s not really love at first sight. It’s because this game they’ve been training for has bound them together in such a deep way, that many of their early actions in the game, as they later say, are unknowingly for each other. They almost make a game within a game, as they start to connect and correspond through their moves in the game, each willing the other to respond with their next move. It begins playfully and as a test, both trying to figure the other out. When they do meet, it is very satisfying, and they are both equally delighted and still cautious all at once. But when they fall in love, which is NOT that first meeting, it feels even better. It feels right. And all of a sudden we are caught up in the emotions with them, and realize, of course, how could they not be in love? Just as they realize it themselves.

Morgenstern also created a wonderful supporting cast for our two protagonists. The two training masters are ruthless and cunning, and we understand Marco and Celia’s desire to break away from this game they’ve been thrust into without choice. It took a while for me to warm to Bailey, because I was so in love with Celia and Marco’s story. But in time, I grew to really enjoy his character and the relationships he made with others in the circus. Poppet and Widget, two red-headed twins born on the first night of the circus, also give the story some extra warmth and emotion.

I’m not sure if this, like so many other books, will eventually become a movie. But I’m not really sure I want it to. I feel like it’s so hard to do this justice. This book is all about your imagination. The Night Circus, in some ways, is all you want it to be, and then some. I find it hard to believe that can be replicated on-screen. I could be wrong. And I hope I am. Because this book deserves nothing but the best.

“Now the circus is open. Now you may enter.” I really encourage you to do so.

It’s been so long…

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I wrote a new post. I promised myself I wouldn’t let this happen when school started again in the fall, and yet, it did. And I was doing so well in the summer, despite classes! But I am determined to at least keep this weekly. Sigh. School just drained me beyond belief this week. I don’t know what happened. It literally feels like something just slammed into me and catapulted me…and I’m still going. Or I landed in some new land where I don’t really recognize myself or the people around me.

It being my senior year of college, I had high expectations for this week, affectionately known among those at our school as Week 1 (out of 10). That’s how we schedule our time around here. Not by dates or days. By the weeks. And normally, I usually don’t feel like this until Week 5 or later. But right now, I feel incredibly tired, depressed, and flustered. And I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve had tough classes before. Hell, every term is usually tough here. And I have my best friend in the whole world back to take classes with me, as one last hurrah. So why do things feel so off? All week, the two of us have felt like we were walking around with storm clouds over our heads (yes, like the cartoons). And then yesterday, I literally got stormed on by the rainstorm. Which actually fit my mood quite well.

I really don’t know what was off this week. Every night, my roommate and I sat looking at each other, just going WTF. Because we couldn’t pinpoint why things weren’t as magical or wonderful as we had hoped. And it sounds a bit childish I guess, because we sound overly hopeful. But two years ago, when we met, we had no idea it would be the start of the fantastic, crazy beyond-friendship we now have. And so when we were separated by the curriculum, cycling between classes and internships, we always looked forward to that term when we would, for lack of a better word, be reunited (despite being roommates this entire time…). So I guess this week our high expectations might have been too high. But I still hope that in the 9 weeks left, something will look up, and great things will happen. Because, frankly, I want my last year here to be wonderful, no matter what. It’s hard to stay positive, and a week’s worth of rainy weather doesn’t always help 😛 but then again, rain brings good luck, right?

We’re BACK, Y’all.

Football is back and in top shape! Thank goodness we have a season and this lockout nonsense is over. There are so many teams lookin good this season, and after only Week 1 I’m EXCITED for the season. BRING IT.

Poor Colts. Blowout by the Texans, 34-0. Peyton Manning, wherever you are, I hope you get better soon. You have so much left to do, and you deserve more years in this league to awe us with your talent. Get well soon.

GO RAVENS! For finally toppling the Steelers 35-7, forcing 7 turnovers AND Joe Flacco & offense for putting points on the board. This needs to keep going, guys. Freakin’ awesome. I took so much pleasure in that.

GO PATS! My Patriots are back and looking ohsogood. My boy Wes Welker just took a catch and ran THE WHOLE FIELD for a touchdown. Everyone’s healthy and doing good. And Brady finally cut his hair so he doesn’t look so damn girly anymore. Thank the lord. He is breaking records all over the place in this game.

Also, this Pats season is dedicated to Myra Kraft, the late wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. She was a spirited, tough woman who lost her battle with cancer during the contract negotiations. Miss you, Myra.

Please, please, oh please: My Emmy Wishlist

Because it just came to my attention that I sadly will be unable to watch the Emmys this Sunday, I really need to get this off my chest. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS AND THE BIG BANG THEORY THEIR EMMYS. I love Mad Men. I really do. Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, you’re wonderful and freakishly talented. The whole world knows you are. Really. But would it kill someone to give Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton some love?! For their fifth and FINAL and fantastic season of Friday Night Lights, the two of them got only their second Emmy nomination this year. NOT COOL. Emmys, you’ve ignored them for YEARS. GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME. These two beautiful, amazing actors played Eric & Tami Taylor, one of the most realistic marriages on TV for five long seasons. They laughed, cried, fought, argued, made up, countless times over the series, ALL WITHOUT INFIDELITY. What a concept. In addition, Britton made Tami Taylor so much more than just a football coach’s wife. Mrs. T was strong, smart, well-spoken, clever, and kickass, all with style. These two are just so wonderful, I can’t even gush about them enough. Please just SOMEBODY give them all the great honors they deserve. Also Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix…just saying. Totally worth it.

Mad Men will probably win because their two actors have “The Suitcase” episode as their submission for the year, an episode that was just an amazing piece of acting for both Hamm and Moss. I really can’t say enough about it except to just go watch it. It’s on Netflix. The whole thing. Mad Men seasons 1-4. Go do it. It’s just fine acting and wonderful ’60s clothes and just all around fabulous. So…I can’t really be mad if they win…because they deserve it…it’s just FNL’s last year 😦 AGH.

My other Emmy wish is for The Big Bang Theory to finally get it’s due. Yes, Jim Parsons has been FINALLY winning shit left and right for his genius portrayal of Sheldon Cooper. He is wonderful, truly. But hey Emmys, the rest of the cast is pretty damn awesome too! Finally you give Johnny Galecki some love this year, thanks. But Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar, who play Howard and Raj, respectively, are killer comedic actors and have enough awesome moments to rival Sheldon. Kaley Cuoco, as Penny, has come a long way from 8 Simple Rules (RIP John Ritter, you’re missed!!!). Girl holds her own amongst all the guys for three long seasons before the show finally brings in some more killer actresses in Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) and Melissa Rauch (the ever-adorable Bernadette). This show is just all around fantastic and hysterical, and I can say I’ve gotten several people hooked on it after just one episode. It’s quickly become our family night of watching TV and getting together weekly, and one that we all look forward to. Please Emmys, give Big Bang some love; I know you’re usually against these camera-type (don’t know the specific term) shows, so even the nomination is a small miracle, coming after FOUR FREAKIN’ SEASONS. But please. It’s really the best.